Novel Musings — The Sinking of the First-Draft Ship

Hello there,

Although I am currently lacking visitors to this blog, I am going to continue ranting and raving in the futile hope that one day some unfortunate straggler stumbles upon it.

I think I have fizzled out. I started writing a first draft for a novel a few months ago, at the time I was really excited for it. But, as I have progressed I have found that it’s not the story that I want, or need, to write. I may pick it back up in the future, but for now I am going to continue writing short stories to practice my craft and allow my mind to muse over possible ideas for the future.

I have been thinking about why it is that my current story failed. I think I have narrowed it down to two possible reasons:

1) I simply can’t sympathise with the protagonist. Her motivation is revenge for the deaths of her family members and this burning desire is what drives her. When I first set out on the quest to write, I thought that I could use this effectively. Turns out I can’t. I am not one to hold grudges, and as of this moment, I haven’t lost anyone truly close to me.

2) The story wasn’t planned, I had no direction. This resulted in me not knowing where to head, I had no chosen destination for the story. Hell, I didn’t even know who, or what, the antagonist was.

This failure, although a disappointment as I have written 8k words (May seem small to people who are somewhat experienced), has left me determined to discover a story I truly want to write. It has also taught me that mapping out a story is definitely worth-while.

There you go, just an update on where I am as an amateur writer. Hopefully, as this blog progresses, you will all see my writing progress, as well me head towards my ultimate goal: to finish a novel.

‘Go forth, post, into the maelstrom.’


Okay, as an aside. All of the pictures on this blog have been made in paint. So, I would like some feedback (If anyone reads this), what are your thoughts on my paint handiwork? Also, the picture above is a musing that I may turn into story format, either short or novel in length. Thoughts, ideas and criticism welcomed.