The Structurally-Sound Beginning

‘Hello there, wanderer,’ the Blog Master calls, ‘welcome to my new blog!’

What the Blog Master doesn’t realise is that nobody is aware of his blog. That nobody gives a shit about his blog. That his blog is just a single particle of internet ramble amidst the millions of other particles that make up the internet’s Blogosphere. What he doesn’t realise is that nobody is ever going to care about his writing.

‘Hey, you,’ he calls, ‘yes, Narrator, you. I don’t appreciate all of this pessimism on my newly created blog.’ He stares up at the limitless space above him, ‘See all of that space? I shall fill as much of it as I see fit, I will create a blog from humble beginnings, and if fate so has is it, to humble endings. But I will not give in to your pessimism on the first day!’

The Blog Master proceeds to place the first brick upon the WordPress hill and inscribes a note. This note reads:

The Structurally Sound Beginning.

There you have it folks (Or no one, if fate so has it), the start of my blog. This post is kind of pointless, but I just need a break from writing my novel. Unsure if I’ll continue writing posts in this fashion, might get annoying for the reader(s?), but I did have some fun writing it. I am also unsure, at this point in time, where I want to go with this blog. All I know is I will continue to lay the bricks and build upon the foundation of this here post.

‘Go forth, post, into the maelstrom.’